Prairie Dog on the Bow

Prairie Dog on the Bow is a KCBS sanctioned event with turn-ins on Monday September 2, 2019 (meaning BBQ on the Bow is a double header competition, yippee!).  A Prairie Dog contest is a Canadian version on a guinea pig style BBQ contest.

Limited to 24 teams
Standard KCBS rules apply with standard turn-in times

Sunday September 1, 2019

2:30PM in Montgomery Community Association gym – Cooks Meeting and Meat Package Distribution

Monday September 2, 2019
10:30AM in Montgomery Community Association gym – Judges Meeting
Noon – Chicken
12:30PM – Ribs
1:00PM – Pork
1:30PM – Brisket
4:00PM (or earlier if possible) – Awards

Guinea pig style competition – let’s level the playing field! – On Sunday September 1, 2019 at 2:30PM at the Cooks Meeting in the Montgomery Community Association gym, closed boxes of meat packages will be randomly drawn and distributed to teams.  Teams may ONLY cook and turn-in from the meat packages provided.  Thus, meat cannot be trimmed, injected or prepared until the meat packages are distributed.

Meat packages will contain: 2 whole chickens, 2 racks of back ribs, 2 pork picnic or shoulders and 1 brisket (likely AAA)

There will NOT be any move in activities available to Prairie Dog participating teams on Sunday September 1, 2019.  To accommodate the move out of teams AND more importantly, the safe tear down activities associated with BBQ on the Bow, all teams who are participating in Prairie Dog on the Bow will also be situated together for BBQ on the Bow.  This means that your team will be cooking BBQ on the Bow to be able to cook the Prairie Dog contest.

Prairie Dog on the Bow is not associated or considered towards the Alberta Cup (which will be awarded at BBQ on the Bow awards on Day 1)

Prize money is approximately $2500 if we get 24 teams.  We are working to increase the prize pool by having participation of 24 teams, obtaining sponsorships in cash or in kind to help reduce expenses. Such expenses include KCBS sanctioning and representatives, site rental, water disposal, garbage disposal, porta potties (alternatively, no one drinks beverages of any kind all long weekend hahaha), power, turn in/ judging supplies and Reefer truck. 

Shower facilities are available at the Shouldice arena (when judges are NOT in the facility) on Saturday August 31 and Sunday September 1, 2019 Yay! Be a good neighbour.

There is NO budget for this contest, we are piggy backing on the infrastructure setup with BBQ on the Bow, so your understanding is appreciated.

Power will be available until ~10am on Monday September 2, 2019 or until such time the City of Calgary dismantles power associated with BBQ on the Bow.  If you require power, you may supply your own, however, construction generators are NOT allowed as the contest is being held in a residential neighbourhood.

On Monday, your team will be restricted to the “Prairie Dog team area” as dismantling activities of the stage, tents, tables, chairs etc. will be in progress from BBQ on the Bow (we are trying to flow vehicles etc by the stage).  To keep you and your teammates on task (and safe), participating Prairie Dog teams will stay on the asphalt by the Montgomery Community Association so the tear down activities will not be interrupted.

Upon your team’s departure from Prairie Dog on the Bow, it is imperative that your site is left spotless – please properly dispose of your water, ash, grease and garbage.  Anything left on site will be left to the SmellaCuties to clean up ☹

Breakfast will not be provided

$500 Team Registration (includes cost for meat packages.
Team Registration form is at

Judge Registration form is at

All support to make this event a success is greatly appreciated.  We are happy to accept team and judge participation (this is for you!!), financial support, in-kind sponsorship or even a helping hand – contact us at