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Test Kitchen Tenderizing Marinate Experiment - Before

Love Me Tender and Marinate Me

I’m Curious Marinating meat is first, to instill flavor into meat and then, often known to tenderize the meat and collagen via acid or enzymes. But does connective tissue in tough cuts of meat actually breakdown with acid? Do enzymes increase tenderness? How do acids 

Peanut Butter Spiced Banana Bacon Brioche Sandwich

Elevated Elvis PBBB (Peanut Butter, Bacon, Banana) Brioche Sandwich

How can you elevate the King’s classic peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich?  “School Lunch” is the theme of this week’s supper challenge.  Do you remember peanut butter banana sandwiches? How to take a simple sandwich to the next level? Bacon. What else? Nuts are