Chowder from leftover chicken, turkey or duck

Chowder from Leftover Chicken/ Turkey/ Duck

With American Thanksgiving, I can’t help but drool about the great ways to use leftovers, including simmering a chowder from leftover chicken, turkey or duck. Hearty soups are a great way to to literally clean out the fridge as well. The recipe itself is a 

Spaghetti Squash Rosé

Spaghetti Squash Rosé

Have you experienced the autumn symphony? Cool weather, fall leaves and migrating birds calls for spaghetti squash rosé in the repertoire of warm, hearty dishes. That’s a lot of words for WOW this dish is amazing! Its so amazing, that we have promptly bought a 

BBQ Peanut Sauce and BBQ Pulled Pork Salad Rolls

BBQ Peanut Sauce

A new flavor on some old favorites, a barbeque peanut sauce can do the trick. Great for salad rolls, salads, noodles or seasoning for a stir fry, this tangy and nutty combination is a crowd pleaser. For more savory flavor, add more soy sauce, for 

BBQ Pulled Pork Rice Noodles

BBQ Pulled Pork Rice Noodles

With Asian rice noodles and succulent barbecue pulled pork, I think this dish qualifies as BBQ Asian fusion – like me! Ha! Sometimes barbecue should be enjoyed in a different format, so when there are pulled pork leftovers, this is my go-to. Blues Hog Original 


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