Pinkerton’s Barbecue – San Antonio, TX

Pinkerton’s Barbecue – San Antonio, TX
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What a treat! I was fortunate to spend a Saturday in February 2022, behind the scenes at Pinkerton’s Barbecue at 107 W Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205. Pinkerton’s Barbecue made the 2021 Texas Monthly Top 5. This is a huge accomplishment, for cooking consistent large quantities of lip smacking barbecue! Congratulations!

Located next to a green space downtown San Antonio, convention goers and hotel guests are in for a walkable treat. It also happens to be along the San Antonio Rodeo and Fiesta parade routes. I laughed over the irony of a cattle drive <okay, San Antonio Rodeo parade> around the restaurant. When a small herd of Longhorn cattle plodded in front of the pits that just got loaded with brisket, what’s your reaction? Did you know Longhorn cattle are extremely hardy? This breed has made it as a descendent of the first cattle brought to the New World when Christopher Columbus explored the round earth!

San Antonio Rodeo Parade at Pinkerton's Barbecue
San Antonio Rodeo Parade at Pinkerton’s Barbecue

Pinkerton’s runs the “typical” Texas counter service – you pick sides, you pick meat, you choose a drink (they also have a full bar!) and you grab a seat. Check out the dining room and bar in Pinkerton’s Barbecue in San Antonio, its absolutely beautiful. Clearly hunters in these parts!! And if the sun is shining, there’s plenty of picnic tables and green space to enjoy barbecue outside.

I also want to note how friendly the staff is – I think it’s one of their key components to success. When there is genuine pride and happy hearts, the barbecue is going to be good!

Smokers: 3 Texas built, wood burning offsets + 2 Oylers (rotisserie style)
Wood: mesquite & post oak
Pit Target Temperature: 250-275 F

Biggest Seller: Creekstone Prime Brisket <in my selfie, I’m wearing a shirt that says, “Bold and Beefy.” Just perfect!>
Brisket Rub: Salt and pepper, let the meat speak for itself!
Biggest Surprise: sweet and tasty St Louis rib, not a traditional Texas rib, but so delicious <Yes, I inhaled it>
My Favorite Side: Mac & cheese with rosemary essence, baked Cheesy Rice, Jambalaya with duck and smoked sausage, yummy beans, potato salad, coleslaw – whoops. That’s every side they carry!

Wow Factor: Everything is made in house!!! Friendly crew. Everything is delicious!
The Wait: the wait is worth it, could be 40 mins, but is is ALL day long! Lunch rush finished at 4pm??!!
Go Again: YES! Absolutely!
Thank you for hosting me!!

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